bio - part 1

jordan twiddy, more commonly known as twiddy, is a 21 year old student from south east england residing in a fairly small town where he has lived the entirety of his life.
jordan began playing guitar around age 11 after being influenced by heavy metal and hard rock bands such as, metallica, pantera, ac/dc, guns n’ roses, black sabbath, cream etc.

the music

The Birds

Release Date: 2018

this track was written about how awkward i can sometime be around people i dont know. the birds represent people and them 'flying away' represent them leaving. its kind of a bitter sweet feeling, the music itself is very happy sounding but the meaning behind the song is the complete opposite.


Release Date: 2018

my first ever ep. i work as an actual trolleyboy on the weekends, which is where i got the inspiration for the name. this ep showcases what i believe to be some of my best work. the ep starts off very intimately, with the intro track essentially bringing the listener into the room where i make all of my music, as it progresses, there is a clear element of experiment with my 'live from' tracks, and keeping your friends close by with the collaboration with Hanz on the track 'daydream'.


Release Date: 2018

this track is dedicated to my girlfriend, who is always there for me no matter what the situation. we met at work, and i still remember that day very vividly. this track is filled with emotion and i think the vocals represent that very clearly.

bio - part 2

jordan attended a part time music school on the weekend, playing in numerous bands and playing a fair amount of gigs during his time at the part time school. jordan stopped attending the part time school when he was around 15, coming up to his gsce’s in secondary school, but didn’t stop playing guitar.

the videos

bio - part 3

a few years later, jordan started producing music using fl studio. much like other people, he started producing house music. he did this for around a year and a half when one day he decided to take a different approach and start incorporating more live instruments into his productions. this was the start of the twiddy you now know today. jordan has since started using ableton to make his music.

the photos